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How to install a WordPress Plug-in in the Rules of Art

Indeed, WordPresscannot do everything by default. It would be like putting all kinds of ingredients in a soup. In the end, we would have neither a soup of vegetables, nor a soup of fishes and even less a vermicelli soup but rather a funny mixture.

So you need a basic ingredient (WordPress) to which you add a pinch of this, a hint of that to get to site that appeals your visitors.As you can see, plugins are a great way to customize your site.

One question is probably bothering you:But where to find WordPress plugins?

To avoid going too fast, point out that before going head-to-head to install plug-ins at arm’s length, you have to ask the right questions:

  • What feature do I need?
  • Can a plug-in answer this need?
  • Am I able to understand what this plug-in does?
  • Can I set it up without risking harming my site?

Have these questions in mind because some plug-in can have a negative impact if you do not use them properly.

Visit the Plug-in Directory

  • The least we can say is that the WP list detonator is a real cave of Ali Baba! More than 30,000 plug-in are available for free. As much as you can say that you can graft all kinds of features to your site.
  • The disadvantage is that the site is in English. You will have to enter your keywords in this language to have quite convincing search results.
  • WP Marmite will present several of them over the weeks (this is already the case with the WordPress SEO plug-in ) but you will have to go it alone to find all the plug-in necessary for your project. Do not forget to ask yourself the questions listed previously.
  • CodeCanyon is a marketplace created by the company Envato (which also publishes Themeforest). This site offers various scripts for all types of websites including plugins for WordPress.
  • The WordPress plugins you can find are all premium, i.e. paid. So be sure to study what they offer in detail before buying one, it would be a shame to spend money for nothing.
  • Feel free to contact the authors to ask questions (in English) via the Comments tab of each page dedicated to a plugin.
  • Be careful not to download anything on websites a little shady (no bad word about the Marmite: P), your site could be indigestion. A little homeopathy will not solve the problem. So be careful.
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