How to install a WordPress Plug-in in the Rules of Art

Indeed, WordPresscannot do everything by default. It would be like putting all kinds of ingredients in a soup. In the end, we would have neither a soup of vegetables, nor a soup of fishes and even less a vermicelli soup but rather a funny mixture.

So you need a basic ingredient (WordPress) to which you add a pinch of this, a hint of that to get to site that appeals your visitors.As you can see, plugins are a great way to customize your site.

One question is probably bothering you:But where to find WordPress plugins?

To avoid going too fast, point out that before going head-to-head to install plug-ins at arm’s length, you have to ask the right questions:

  • What feature do I need?
  • Can a plug-in answer this need?
  • Am I able to understand what this plug-in does?
  • Can I set it up without risking harming my site?

Have these questions in mind because some plug-in can have a negative impact if you do not use them properly.

Visit the Plug-in Directory

  • The least we can say is that the WP list detonator is a real cave of Ali Baba! More than 30,000 plug-in are available for free. As much as you can say that you can graft all kinds of features to your site.
  • The disadvantage is that the site is in English. You will have to enter your keywords in this language to have quite convincing search results.
  • WP Marmite will present several of them over the weeks (this is already the case with the WordPress SEO plug-in ) but you will have to go it alone to find all the plug-in necessary for your project. Do not forget to ask yourself the questions listed previously.
  • CodeCanyon is a marketplace created by the company Envato (which also publishes Themeforest). This site offers various scripts for all types of websites including plugins for WordPress.
  • The WordPress plugins you can find are all premium, i.e. paid. So be sure to study what they offer in detail before buying one, it would be a shame to spend money for nothing.
  • Feel free to contact the authors to ask questions (in English) via the Comments tab of each page dedicated to a plugin.
  • Be careful not to download anything on websites a little shady (no bad word about the Marmite: P), your site could be indigestion. A little homeopathy will not solve the problem. So be careful.
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The burglary rate increases from year to year. Thanks to modern technology but also the enlightenment rate is getting better. We will show you with which alarm systems you will deter burglars and with which surveillance cameras you will record the thieves correctly.

There are some very different solutions to protect against burglars, but not everyone is suitable for every user. Which systems are there, how they work and what they cost, you will learn in this article. In addition, we will introduce you to the right products for you. There are options that are good at cctv singapore.

General tips can also be found in our article “How to make home and apartment safer “.

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The alarm system: special burglary protection

Those who want to effectively protect themselves against burglary, of course, think of a classic alarm system. Basically, a distinction is made here between wired and wireless solutions. If you do not want to or cannot install meter-by-meter cables, we recommend a wireless alarm system with battery-operated elements. Simple basic sets, which can automatically call a predetermined number when the alarm starts, start at around 89 euros, including the Olympia Protect alarm set 6061. However, with such a simple set, you cannot expect any special extensions or even control over the Internet.

If you are looking for a simple yet flexible entry-level set, we recommend a solution like the Elements: the system can be controlled by mobile phone and extended by components such as a surveillance camera. The elements are available from around 140 dollars.

Reason for strange noises is usually cracks in individual planks. Even broken pieces provide for the feathers of the floorboards, which leads to these tones. Therefore, the first step is to find out where the causes are hiding. With the reliable singapore home improvement the solutions are perfect now.

The good news: Unless the planks are completely destroyed, a few nails or screws work wonders.

So that the nails do not come loose through the use of the plank boards, two nails should be hammered per plank and beam, which are offset against each other. If the choice falls on screws, the procedure is similar, except that the screw is left in combination with an impact sleeve in the wood. Should the planks come loose at some point; the screws can be easily adjusted again.

Help, the floor is still squealing!

If the simple method has not helped, a construction under the ground will help. Through this, the overlying planks cannot feather and annoying noises are prevented.